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Shopaholic Chick

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All who were lost 9-11-01 9 is wearing a Police Hat to represent the officers who helped at ground zero, and those who have been lost. The Caduceus to represent the Doctors & Nurses who worked around the clock to save the injured. 1 is wearing a Construction Helmet for those who spent time digging through the rubble and rebuilding the area. 1 is wearing a tie for the office workers and travelers who were lost. The star of life represents the Paramedics and EMT's who were there to help as survivors were pulled from the wreckage. 0 is wearing a fire helmet to represent the firemen & women who risked their lives entering the buildings and combing through the rubble. 1 is joined by a push broom to represent the others who were there working either in janitorial services, or to help in the cleanup efforts. This design was created to remember the tragic events of 9-11-01. Those who were lost, and those who were left behind to live with the aftermath. The remember everyone from the Police, Firefighters, Paramedics and Doctors who helped saved lives, as well as the construction workers who helped in the recovery efforts, and of course the office staff and janitorial workers even who lost their lives on that fateful day. Almost 10 years have passed since 9-11-01 but we can never forget. The death toll continues to rise as the workers who were there so quickly and valiantly risking their lives to save others, are now losing their lives to medical issues relating to their exposure at Ground Zero and the Pentagon. No one life is more precious than another, whether we lost then that day or today, they will be remembered here.

Softball If you love to play softball you may be addicted to softball, if you cannot get enough watching and playing then you need this great addicted to softball design.. Addiction is not something to be taken lightly, unless of course what you are addicted to cannot possibly cause you or anyone else any type of harm.

Adorable Big Eyed Alien this adorable baby alien is so cute with his big yellow eyes. If you love aliens, martians or extra terrestrials then you will love this! This Alien is one of a kind and unique and wants to go home with you today! perfect as a gift for someone special or just to buy for yourself!

Hajime bag
Hajime by animenation
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Hajime This anime inspired design features Hajime with spikey green hair in a purple puffy ski coat. Grocery Tote “Paper or Plastic?” You’ll say, “No, thanks”, when shopping with this environmentally friendly tote. Its wide bottom makes it great for groceries or larger items. Made from 12oz cotton twill, it has cotton-web handles which have stress-point reinforced stitching. Dimensions: 13"w x 15.5"h x 7"deep

Magical Fish & fisherman This great design has been inspired but the tale of Aladdin and Arabian Knights....They are fun and colorful Arabian, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean Inspired images.

American Flag Stars & Stripes this great image has a red and white striped spine and blue covers with white stars, the front and back also have an image of an American Flag...perfect for Back to School!!!

Swarrow Sparrow .. If you love sparrows then these great gifts are perfect for you. Sparrows are sweet little birds who love to sing int he morning. Business, 3.5" x 2", 100 pack Stand out from the crowd with custom business cards. Upload your own logo, photo, or graphic, or use a pre-existing template. Zazzle business cards are professionally printed for all of your networking needs. Customize each side of your business card and choose from hundreds of font styles for free! * 3.5" x 2" – Classic Business Card * Choose from eight types of premium card stock. * FREE Full-bleed, full-color printing on both sides. * Save with bulk orders! * Skinny and chubby profile cards also available.

The Statue of Liberty The Statue of Liberty stands tall in New York Harbor between NYC, NY and Jersey City, NJ. Beautiful Photograph taken by Amy Marie. Copyright Amy Marie. Doodle by OrigAudio™ Plug in your creativity with the first ever custom portable speaker! Doodle by OrigAudio™ is a light and durable hard-plastic speaker with a vibrantly printed fabric face cover and kickstand for easy propping. Powered by USB cable (included) to power via your computer or 2 AAA batteries (not included), the Doodle speaker has a 3.5 mm. headphone jack that is compatible with any standard music device. This fun little speaker makes it easy to take your music and your style anywhere! Depth: 7/8 inches Width: 2.5 inches Length: 4.5 (1/16) Weight: 9.6 ounces Power: USB cable (included) to power via your computer or 2 AAA batteries (not included) Works with ANY standard 3.5 mm. headphone jack audio product

Joker Tumbling This court jester is standing on one hand trying to make the king & queen laugh! does he make you giggle just a little? If you love clowns then this great clown design is perfect for you!!! Clowns make everyone's trip to the circus one of a kind and lots of fun!

Doodle Designs Bright Bold Unique designs. These doodles are unique and creative. if you love bold vibrant colors and unique fun designs you should check out these great speakers. Handmade this design is one of a kind!!

Silly Bowling Dragon If you love Dragons then this great design is perfect for you. Whether you wish you were a dragon slayer in medieval times, wish you could have a pet dragon, are born in the year of the dragon or are just in general fascinated by dragons you will love this great gift!

Banana shirt
Banana by Edibility
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Banana Bananas are a yummy yellow treat high in potassium. If you love to eat then you will love this great foodie design. show everyone what you favorite food is with this delicious creation.

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