Monday, August 1, 2011

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This anime inspired design features Chiyemi with her purple hair long and flowy and long bangs climbing out of this picture.
Chiyemi bag
Chiyemi by animenation
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Grocery Tote

“Paper or Plastic?” You’ll say, “No, thanks”, when shopping with this environmentally friendly tote. Its wide bottom makes it great for groceries or larger items. Made from 12oz cotton twill, it has cotton-web handles which have stress-point reinforced stitching. Dimensions: 13"w x 15.5"h x 7"deep. Read more...

Known as the “chiyemi bag”, this customizable bag is an impressive sample of the creativity in the Zazzle marketplace. Designed by a highly talented Seller named animenation, the exceptional a bag above is found under the cartoon shop category and was tagged with one of a kind, cartoon, animation, and a. Made on a 100 percent cotton canvas tote bag, this chiyemi tote design could presumably become a go-to choice for anyone. With a pair of very well-made handles and reinforced seams, this customizable tote is made to last for years.

Anyone searching for anime bags will definitely relish this personalized bag after it’s created using animenation's adorable Chiyemi concept. This chiyemi bag will be cute and long lasting, thanks to its sturdy handles and reinforced stitching. Pick your favorite color from the available options, and your customizable bag will definitely look great. When considering the variety of options that can be used for this cartoon custom bag design, you'll most definitely find the perfect bag!

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