Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fender Flamingo

Fender Flamingo is an ultra-cool rock star flamingo, he loves to wear his sunglasses so all the lady flamingos go crazy over Fender...

Basic Button Keychain Set your keys apart with a custom keychain. Create your own or choose from thousands of cute and cool designs. The sturdy clasp keeps keys together securely, and holds up well through daily wear-and-tear. Diameter: 2.25 inches, great for purses and pockets. Depth: .19 inches Weight: .25 ounces * Full-color, full-bleed printing * Waterproof * Add Photos, Artwork and Text * No minimum order 2.25" Read more... Created and posted to the marketplace by a skilled Zazzle designer named BisforBirds, the unique "fender flamingo" key chain design shown above is listed in the Fender Flamingo store category. Given the name, “fender flamingo keychain”, this key chain's title is the perfect fit for a huge variety of different reasons. Wonderful for decorating your keyring, this fender flamingo keychain can be found if you search for the following tags: pink, animals, and fender flamingo. If you enjoyed viewing this marvelous custom keychain design, you may find other choices in the creator's store or in the Zazzle community's marketplace. Made to order in innumerable colors, our custom keychains are scratch-resisting and covered with mylar good-looking and one-of-a-kind, this Fender Flamingo keychain will be made with BisforBirds’s animals picture using high-grade engineering that will show the design at the most admirable level of excellence. As a consequence, this exclusive pink keychain design will make your keychains into a veritable example of art on any key ring!

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