Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Native American Dream Catchers

Author: Gareth Hoyle

Vintage Native American Geronimo Apache speckcaseDid you know that Native Americans hung dream catchers over their beds to catch good dreams during the night? The Native American Dream Catchers were designed in the shape of a spider’s web ready to ensnare the goodness of positive dreams to be used throughout the day. Bad dreams aren’t welcomed by Native American Dream Catchers. They have a hole in the middle that lets bad dreams through and they simply burn under the rays of the sun. Today, people still believe in the power of Native American Dream Catchers and various types can be bought through suppliers that sell crystals, tarot cards and magical talismans.

Choosing Native American Dream Catchers

Native American Vintage Postcard postcardPicking a dream catcher for the first time is a really pleasant experience. They come in various sizes with options to suit all tastes. If you are new to the idea of Native American Dream Catchers look online for inspiration. Read up about the ancient tradition of the dream catchers and how they have been cherished by Native Americans for centuries. The smaller sized Native American Dream Catchers start at around 5" and the some of the largest are 10" in size. You can hang them at your window or at the head of your bed and let them collect all of your positive dreams. Know somebody who might like one of the Native American Dream Catchers? You could buy one from suppliers of Baltic Amber jewellery.

Think of Native American Dream Catchers for gift ideas

Vintage Native American Love couple Bannock Tribe postcard
They make great presents, and in days gone by Native American Dream Catchers were presented to people that you loved and wanted to protect from harm. Why not give one of the Native American Dream Catchers to somebody you care about? People place them over cribs or cots to protect their young ones from bad dreams. Do you believe that dreams come from outside of the body? The Native Americans did. They devised dream catchers and the modern designs of Native American Dream Catchers bear a strong resemblance to the original styles that were created to capture good dreams and let bad ones burn in the sun.

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