Sunday, October 11, 2015

B is for Birds

Fritz Flamingo Classic Round StickerFritz Flamingo Classic Round Sticker
Fritz Flamingo Classic Round Sticker
$6.00 USD

Fritz Flamingo is a very proud and regal flamingo, he is like the wise old grandpa of this pink flamingo family....more
Fernando Flamingo Classic Round StickerFernando Flamingo Classic Round Sticker
Fernando Flamingo Classic Round Sticker
$6.00 USD

Fernando Flamingo is a party animal, just tell him when and where and he will be the first the the BBQ with a bag of chips and a cooler full of ice!...more
Fender Flamingo TshirtFender Flamingo Tshirt
Fender Flamingo Tshirt
$30.95 USD

Fender Flamingo is an ultra-cool rock star flamingo, he loves to wear his sunglasses so all the lady flamingos go crazy over Fender......more
Egbert Eagle TieEgbert Eagle Tie
Egbert Eagle Tie
$35.95 USD

Egbert Eagle loves to shoot hoops. he is a basketball wizard and can slam dunk with the best of them. Eagles are beautiful majestic birds. They are the national symbol for many countries around the world include the Bald eagle as America's national bird....more
Careem Cardinal Classic Round StickerCareem Cardinal Classic Round Sticker
Careem Cardinal Classic Round Sticker
$6.00 USD

Careem Cardinal is a mean little cardinal who often ends up being used as the mascot for sports teams whether he wants to or not....more
Gwenda Goose Jumbo Tote BagGwenda Goose Jumbo Tote Bag
Gwenda Goose Jumbo Tote Bag
$24.95 USD

gwenda goose loves to tell stories to all the little geese - boy can she weave a tale. If you love geese these designs are perfect for you. a goose can be a beautiful bird, or a nasty one, so be careful!...more

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